Published on 22 November 2018


法會注意事項 :
For all puja participants

【入場 出場】Entry/Exit

The door is open at 7:00 each day. Please form a queue to get your seat ticket and take your seat according to the number on the ticket. Every participant is allowed to take one ticket; please do not take the number ticket on other’s behalf. If you need a chair, let us know. You will be seated in a designated area.

The seat number is drawn by the staff at random and used only for that day. The participant can receive only one seat number along with a stamp on his hand each day.

We will do basic cleaning during the lunch break; no need to retake the seat ticket after the lunch break. However, if you need to leave temporarily, please leave something on your seat. We will check the seating at 13:40 each day and give the vacant seats to other people.

If you need to change the seat, please communicate with another participant among yourselves. We will not change the seat for you.

If you need to leave temporarily during the puja, please keep your seat ticket for that day. If you leave the puja and do not come back on the same day, please return the ticket and shoe bag to the front desk. 

(06). 請勿佔用他人座位,以免影響自身日後參加法會之資格。
Please don’t sit on the seat whose number is not the same as your seat number, lest you may not be allowed to attend the puja in the future.

(07).請穿襪子,脫鞋入場,鞋子裝袋,自行保管。鞋子禁止踏入地毯區 。
Please wear socks and take off the shoes before entering the puja hall. Put the shoes in the bag and mind your own personal belongings. The shoes are not allowed in the carpeted area. 

The shoe bags are limited, and we offer only one to each participant. Please keep and reuse it. You may take it back when the 10-day puja is over. Donations are appreciated but not mandatory.

【用餐 飲食】Food and Drinks
(01). 領取座位號碼牌後,需代訂素便當者,請至櫃台領素食午餐券,並繳費, 中午憑餐券領取便當。(上午9:00時前可至櫃檯增刪)。
If you need a vegetarian lunch box, please order and pay for it at the front desk after getting your seat number. You will get a lunch on voucher. Placing and cancelling an order have to be done by 9:00.

(02). 請自備環保餐具,配合垃圾分類。
Please bring your personal utensils, and kindly follow our recycling policy.

(03). 除白開水外,禁止在2樓壇城會堂內飲食。(主法上師及喇嘛除外)
Except for the puja master and the lamas, food and drinks are not allowed in the puja hall on the second floor. Water is permitted though. 

(04) 會場內限用可蓋緊的水杯、水壺、容器,以免打翻,造成他人不便及清潔不易。
Only the cups, bottles or any containers with lid can be used in the puja hall.

The tea offering of food and drinks are available in the tent area on the first floor. Take and enjoy what you like and the amount you need. But don’t pack and take them home.

When you enter the hall for the first time every day, please take a flower. When chanting the long Dharani, take one petal to offer each time. When running out of petals, come to ask for another flower, but limited to one time.

When circumambulating the mandala on the stage, take one petal from the container at the corner of the mandala. 

(02). 繞壇城時請依工作人員之引導,不要插隊。
Please follow the staff’s instructions when circumambulating the mandala on the stage. Do not cut in line. 

(03). 請勿逕行觸碰壇城。
Please do not touch the mandala.

(04). 禁止攜帶易燃物、危險物及葷食入內。
Flammable or dangerous items, as well as non-vegetarian food, are not allowed in the puja place. 

(05). 現場法本可供借閱或請購,借閱者請於離開會場時返還至櫃檯。
You are welcome to borrow or buy the liturgy. If you choose to borrow, please return it to the front desk when leaving the puja place. 

(06). 請將手機關機或改為靜音。
Please turn off the cell phone or switch it to the silent mode.

Please note the evaculation direction.

We Siddhartha’s Intent reserves the right to explain, to modify, and/or to supplement any part of the regulations specified herein.