Published on 26 December 2014



(1) 佛陀教育基金會 講演


應邀於2014/12/30早上十點至十一點半,在佛陀教育基金會三樓講堂講演《佛教教育》(Buddhist education)

◎演講地點: 台北市杭州南路一段55號三樓講堂 (另於12F佛堂、7F、地下室教室設有轉播螢幕)

◎時  間: 12/30 (二) 早上10:00~11:30




◎網路直播網址:  mms://

◎行動裝置網址: Mobile



(2) 佛頂尊勝佛母 灌頂





(3) 三根本 灌頂






Rinpoche's newly-added activities in Taiwan:

(1) Buddhist Education

DATE: December 30, 2014       AT: Taipei , Taiwan

Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche is invited to give a public talk on “Buddhist Education” at 10:00-11:30am on December 30, 2014. It will be held at the lecture room on the third floor of The Corporate Body of The Buddha Educational Foundation. Additional broadcast screens are available in the shrine room on 12th floor, 7th floor and the basement classroom of the same building.

Venue:   3F , No.55, Hang Chow South Road , Sec. 1, Taipei , Taiwan

Time:      10:00-11:30am on December 30, 2014 (Tuesday)

Note: As the seats are limited, please use the network broadcast at

●  Live stream:mms://

●  Mobile web:


(2) Ushnisha Vijaya Initiation

 DATE:January 3, 2015            AT:Taipei, Taiwan

Rinpoche is going to give Ushnisha Vijaya initiation at the scene of thousand-offering puja in the afternoon of January 3, 2015 (Saturday).


(3) Three Roots Initiation

DATE:To Be Announced           AT;Taipei, Taiwan

Rinpoche is going to give Three Roots initiation at the venue of thousand-offering puja in one evening. The specific date and time will be announced through our website once they are confirmed.